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    Characterization of Dietary Role in Disease Prevention and Nutrition Interventions

Recent Lab News

Welcome Briana and Manije!

Upon completion of BS degree in UConn Nutritional Sciences with Honors, Briana joined Dr. Chun’s lab in fall 2022 as a PhD student. During her undergraduate study, Briana completed her Honors thesis project with support from UConn SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fund). She is a McNair Scholar and also a recipient of Harriott Fellowship and CAHNR Diversity Enhancing GA competition.

Manije also joined Dr. Chun’s lab and started PhD study in fall 2022 after completing her MS degree in Nutritional Sciences from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran. Manije received the prestigious Jorgensen Fellowship, which is awarded to the most promising students entering doctoral programs at UConn.

Welcome Matt!

Matt will begin his MS studies in the fall of 2021, focusing on nutritional epidemiology while hoping to accumulate work experience along the way.

Welcome Briana!

Briana is a rising senior who is studying coffee constituents and the health effects of blackcurrant supplementation.

Congratulations Dalia!

Dalia recently graduated in May of 2021 with a thesis focusing on the Assessment of Nutritional and Health Status and Feasibility of Personalized Nutrition Education Intervention in Mobile Food Pantry Users

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